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What’s for dinner tonight?  Before you reach into the freezer to pull out an over-processed and low quality fillet, sink your line on this thought… grocery store seafood has been frozen once, twice, or three times over.  Ask yourself this question: 


What if I knew a local Ventura fisherman, and could have my choice of truly

fresh seafood ready to enjoy whenever I want?


That's where we come in! We got you, we provide real-time updates on what your neighborhood fishermen have on the boat, before it even arrives dockside. 

Ventura Fresh Fish is your source for today’s catch.


Sustainably caught, organic, and direct from your local fisherman, we deliver immediately caught seafood directly to you.  


Enjoying local seafood once a week, biweekly, or monthly has never been so easy!

 Pick up your order at your neighborhood Fisherman  dockside location,

or our dock to doorstep delivery option.

You will no longer experience grocery store fillets with a not-so-fresh-smell. Ventura Fresh Fish is guaranteed to delight every Seafood lover.  Enjoy healthy meals and reap the benefits of eating fresh fish directly from your neighborhood Fishermen. 


Fishing Families. Real People. Why eat local Seafood? 

By ordering your seafood from a community-supported Fish Market you are contributing towards the health and vitality of your community, your neighborhood, and fishing families. Your working waterfronts are fishing for you. Catch-to-order the ideal way to contribute to the global solution to food waste and over-fishing. We only catch what customers already want. Deliver dock to doorstep.  No waste, no over-fishing, keeping it local, keeping it domestic, and keeping it organically fresh- that’s what we do!  

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Combat illegal international fishing which deprives legal fishermen and coastal communities of up to $23 billion in seafood and seafood products annually.  Illegal international fishing also threatens the long-term sustainability of global seafood supplies. Illegal fishing can include activities such as:

  • Fishing without a license or quota for certain species.   

  • Unauthorized transshipments to cargo vessels.   

  • Failing to report catches or making false reports. 

  • Keeping undersized fish or fish that are otherwise protected by regulations.

  •  Fishing in closed areas or during closed seasons. 

  •  Using prohibited fishing gear. 

  • Using slave labor. 


The FISHERMAN & the Chef

Local Seafood Showcase Events

We enjoy sharing our catch with you. Partnering with local wineries, chefs, and community farmers, allows us to bring you an exceptional dining experience. If you would like to host a Fisherman's Dinner, please contact us. We would be overjoyed to assist you with your next memorable event. 

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California Brown Box Crab

Unbeatable quality hands down. #MalibuSq
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On a lovely fall day in sunny southern California, I was pulling lobster gear with my husband. We were returning octopus, crabs, and various other species back into the water. I couldn't believe this seafood wasn't being enjoyed by our local communities. Being from Seattle, WA I grew up eating a large variety of really delicious seafood. Now living in Ventura, CA I found myself amazed at how disconnected the working waterfronts were with the millions of consumers just outside our harbors. Do they know how delightfully edible the seafood is right here in our Southern California local waters?  

Since day one, a genuine love and passion for our catch and our own market patrons have defined who we are and what we do. We educate customers daily on the variety and uniqueness of what our local ocean has to share.   



Kat's Story 

Fresh Seafood HOURS

Ventura Harbor Dockside  Market Saturdays 

Market Saturdays are weather dependent 


7:30 a.m. - until sold out. 

Online order strongly encouraged to reserve your catch. We sell out quickly. 

Dock to Doorstep Deliveries 

Don't miss the boat, get on our text list to be notified when we have fish in the hook. 

Text the word


to phone number


You'll know what we harvest weekly.

Dock to doorstep fresh! 


(Thursday - Friday deliveries)

CA, Arizona, and Nevada

Washington, Oregon, Utah, and New Mexico 


Hi Kat, we've got Tuna on the hook! And your Lobster order  is ready!

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